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Arlington, TX
August, 2014


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When the Dallas Cowboys took the field for their first pre-season home game of 2014, the stadium famous for its “Biggest Everything” mantra, had something exciting in store for its fans.  A brand- new, 130-foot wide LED video display above the concourse in the north end zone had been installed, complete with forty 16-ft. tall louvers that rotate 360 degrees, backed by brilliant chrome skins, and high-powered strobes. The AT&T Fan Experience board is 4,000 pixels wide, making it the highest resolution board in the stadium, and one of the most unique LED displays in the world.

Technomedia, working with a world-class team of engineers from Obscura Digital, and Tait Towers, supplied the LED system for this display. Suspended over a popular viewing area in the stadium, the engineering and fabrication challenges that team overcame were monumental, as the concept of a complex system of show control, motion control and video mapping came to fruition.  The LED “louvers” work seamlessly in concert with the stadium’s complex signage and replay systems, allowing imagery to displayed across a single screen, multiple screens and even as one continuous image across all of the displays inside the mammoth space.