August 22, 2017

Technomedia Completes San Manuel Rockin’ Casino Expansion

Technomedia was commissioned by San Manuel Casino, San Bernardino, CA to create the media and technology for the new Rockin Casino area, and the Rock & Brews restaurant. Rock & Brews partners Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS have created a fast-growing brand that brings great food and live music to its guests daily. For these projects, Technomedia’s John Miceli designed a series of visual platforms that would bring shows, eye candy and the history of rock to the Casino. In the first phase, Technomedia used Mood three large 3mm LED video displays to build a “fractured ceiling, (5) 22′ x 15′ LED “playing cards”, a curved banner, a large stage screen and a jagged corner wall. Miceli’s design also included a floating ribbon of Mood VideoSticks (a linear LED product), (2) 2×2 video walls and distributed video displays. The design incorporates a VUE live stage system, GrandMA lighting control, PR lighting system, a Yamaha fully digital mixing console and a distributed audio system that ties into the casino-wide Mood Media Audio system designed by Daryl Ballou.

For the Rockin Casino expansion, Miceli designed an entirely new concept that represented Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding rings. Two large, intertwined, chrome-clad digital media rings, comprised of 2mm Mood LED panels were constructed, creating a beautiful centerpiece for the expanded casino. The reflective surfaces capture and reflect the surrounding LED lighting, making the stationary system appear to levitate and move.

A large lighting system installed within the rings creates a spectacular activation. Miceli also designed a new fractured wall, a Serrano Club marquee, two large wall- mounted 30′ screens and the curved wall above the new retail shop, all with Mood’s 3x LED technology.