Technomedia was hired directly by FAO Schwarz from a referral from The Hettema Group.  We interpreted the great experiential storyline developed by Chute Gerdeman Architects to create the tech design for the entire 20,000 s.f. store, including the iconic clock tower, animatronic teddy bears working on the rocket ship, the big floor piano (aka BIG) with a reflection on the ceiling, the talking Transformer robot, Hasbro and The Discovery Channel activations, video walls, original music for the entire store including individualized sound effects, and complete audio visual integration, all run from one touch screen controller. All content was developed and produced in-house by GoCo.


















Fun fact, the new owners (ThreeSixty) did not have any original content nor access to the music, but GoCo’s producer Toby Dalsgaard did.  Toby’s father composed the original signature song “Welcome to the World”, so GoCo reproduced the arrangement plus created original music for the entire store.